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If a tax nightmare is keeping you awake at night, you’re not alone. No matter how you got into trouble with the IRS, CLAW Tax wants to help. Every customer’s situation is unique, but we are committed to fighting for your fresh start. Don’t let penalties and interest on your tax debt accumulate one more day without contacting us for help. 

My husband and I can breathe again! Although we were making installment payments to the IRS on back taxes, the penalties and interest were accumulating faster than we could pay. In addition, I got cancer in the middle of the mess and that severely impacted our income, making payback impossible. Our advisor explained everything every step of the way and continues to answer questions we might have even [after] our Offer In Compromise was accepted by the IRS.

Sally R.

The IRS was seizing my accounts…Jon Call immediately got all motions by the IRS stopped and proceeded to work on a fair settlement. But the IRS proved to be unfair, unforgiving and demanded payment in full in six figure range. But that didn’t end Jon’s effort. He was able to stave off any further seizure until…we could submit a new offer based on my current income. This time, although difficult, Jon prevailed and obtained an offer that I was able to accept and have since made a final payment. I am impressed that Jon continued the fight…He has my wholehearted recommendation to be your tax counselor.

Jim T.

The IRS levied my bank account and my wages. In one day the levy was lifted. We have a very busy life and Jon was the most patient man I know. He worked so hard for us. He took all the stress out of our life as he assured us things would be okay and would get resolved in time. The Irs was not as prompt as we would have likes but the wait was worth it. Our 100,000.00+ tax debt was settled for 1,000.00. I owe my sanity and love of life again to Jon.

Maralee NG.

A tax lien on my credit report was hindering prospective employers and qualifying for a home loan. Within 6 months the IRS accepted an offer of Compromise and 2 months later the Tax Lien was removed from my credit report! I am so grateful to Jon Call and his team for working on my behalf to put this Tax problem to rest and now I am able to qualify for a new home and work with a Company that fits me perfectly. Thank you for your hard work Jon and Team.

Pattie K.

I owed $107,000 in back taxes due to my own mistakes. The IRS put leans on my property and froze my bank account. Within 2 days Jon had my accounts open again. He had my taxes reduces to $14,500. Jon stayed in touch with me and kept me informed on how everything was going. I can’t say enough about the help that I received. I have never had to deal with the IRS again. Thanks a million for all of your help!

Maria C.

I am 76 years old and had the possibility of losing my house and having my Social Security benefits levied due to approximately 16 years of past due Federal taxes totaling nearly $50.000.00. We submitted an OIC(offer in kind) and settled for $346.00…Jon Call was a fantastic-true professional in every way! To be able to move on in my life is truly a blessing!

Roger E.

After talking to Jon Call for 2 minutes I knew they were different! Jon was interested in my situation, where I was with my tax problem… I hung up the phone feeling like finally I had talked to a company that truly wanted to HELP!! …Jon saved us from potential ruin.

John W.